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I cannot tell you how excited I am to be doing this post. I have recently been introduced to iNailz, an Irish company who print any pattern, design or colour onto false nails, with their patented digital printers. I was in contact with them and decided to get a set of nails printed to try out. I chose something personal to be printed and thought one of my own illustrations would be perfect. I was able to send my image by email and like magic, my custom made nails were sent to me by post in record time.

They come packaged in a rectangle box with 20 nails in various sizes, nail file, double sided tape, glue and easy to follow instructions. You can match fingernails and toes, use one as an accent nail or if you're like me, you put one on every finger (how could I resist)

The nails are on stripes so you can measure the nail easily and then just bend it off and either use the tape or glue to stick to your nail. You can file the tip or sides if you need and finally just pop a top coat on to keep the design shiny and to make it last.

When they arrived I could barely open the envelope with excitement. The colour, vibrancy and detail was absolutely perfect. Whether you're far away or close up, they are so eye catching, different and original. From the thumb nail to the baby finger, the design is printed immaculately on every one. My illustration is full colour and goes from cuticle to free edge and side to side and there was no gaps or unprinted areas on the nails. There would be no way that I would have been able to hand paint the design on so I'm absolutely delighted.

The length is very natural and are very easily filed. The nails fit very snuggly on my natural nails. There was no gaps on the sides or weird shape at the cuticle. I did have to slightly file one of the nail sides but seeing as the nails themselves are very good quality there was no frilly edges or bending and it stuck down perfectly. I cannot wait to order more and maybe even give them to friends so they can wear an original Sarah design on there nails.

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  1. These look fab! Glad you went with your own print, they look very impressive!