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Today I'm reviewing a recent purchase from Sensationail. It's a UV gel polish brand that's available in most Boots stores. Salon UV gel polishes are not available to buy on the high street. You can get them from beauty wholesalers, but you do have to set up an account with your business or show certificates that you're trained in gel application to buy them, so again if you want a UV gel polish for yourself, straight off the shelf, it's very hard to get. So when I found this product I had to buy something. 

 First thing I got was the gel essentials kit for £25. You get mini versions of gel cleanser, gel primer, lint free pads and an all in one base and top coat, along with a file and orange stick. (All of which prep and finish your nails) Each element is as important as the next as they make gel nails last as long as they do. Having them all in one kit is very handy and made testing this product a lot simpler. 

There was also a huge range of colours for £15, that are sold separately. Seeing as we're coming into the festive season, I choose "Raspberry wine" which is (funnily enough) a raspberry wine shade of red (yes the hint is in the name) It has a very subtle shimmer in it so perfect for this time of year but the shades range from french manicure to black. In larger Boots stores and online you can get a starter kit with lamp for £70 (I already have a large lamp so I didn't need to get that one)

In terms of a product, range and price I'm so happy with my purchase and I'm definitely going to buy more colours. The instructions gave a step by step on how to apply (for first time triers, it's very easy to follow) UV Gel polish is always going to be more expensive then a regular polish but for what you get and considering it's available in Boots, I thought the price was just perfect. I tested it on my nails about two weeks ago and as you can see from the pictures it's lasted without any chips, dents or damage. The high shine is still there and the colour is as vibrant as the first day I applied it so I can safely say it's as good quality as the salon brands.

I would recommend this product to those of you who are:

 1: Familiar with UV gel polish. It has a different consistency to normal nail polish and does tend to slide and move on the nail before you set it under the lamp. But on the upside you do have a bit more leeway to fix any mistakes around the cuticle so don't panic if you're not a pro.

2: Thinking of working in a nail salon or wanting to study in beauty. This is the perfect product to hone your skills. Practice on your family and your friends to perfect the application. Take pictures and use them in interviews. It will really make an impression and make you stand out. 

3: Trying to save for Christmas. Doing your nails at home instead of at the salon will help you save some extra cash for Christmas. It is the whole salon experience in the comfort of your own home. You can use it on toenails too so that's twice as much saving.

4: A busy bee. Application is quick and easy and because it's a gel so there's no drying time. 

I hope you do check it out next time you're in Boots or even pop it onto your Santa list. Thanks for reading and of course let me know what you think.

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  1. i LOVE the look of this kit, and your nails look brilliant - the Raspberry Wine shade is beautiful!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

    1. It's actually a really nice kit. I've been using it every time I have time to do my nails. They last me at least 3 weeks so I'm very happy. Definitely worth checking out when you're in Boots