Winter Makeup Staples


Today I'm going to run you through my everyday makeup staples I've been wearing all Winter. My everyday makeup has to be quick easy and simple to apply. I've tried and tested so many products on my blog. Some of them have become permanent staples in my makeup bag and some seemed great at the time but were never repurchased. There's something so satisfying about finding products I love that I buy over and over again. Best of all, they're all from my local drugstore so are affordable and accessible.

I start with Max Factor Facefinity Primer which I reviewed when it came out last year. It's matte and has no residue so I absolutely love it and wear it all year round. I prime my eyes with Gosh Prime 'N Refresh which I also reviewed when it was launched. Using a squeeze and roll technique it glides on and leaves my eyes prepped for makeup.

My go to foundation is L'Oreal True Match in shade 2N Vanilla. The packaging has recently been revamped and looks as slick and sophisticated as a high end product. Two pumps on a stipple brush and I get a flawless finish. Then my Collection obsession begins. It's a brand which has slowly overtaken my makeup bag. I use Lasting Perfection concealer in medium around my eyes to conceal my dark circles. I move onto brows using Collection Eye Brow Kit in Blonde. Although I've dark hair I love the browns in this palette. I can use the middle shade for day time and the darker shade at night.

I move to eyes and use Collection Eyes Uncovered eyeshadow palette. It has the perfect range of shades for daytime makeup and has a highlight, shimmer and matte shades. I then line my eyes with Collection Extreme Liner. It's a felt tip pen applicator that glides on so well. The tip stays firm so it's perfect for getting right on the lash line and best of all the colour stays black all day and doesn't crack once dried. I finish my eyes with Collection Waterproof Lengthening Mascara. I originally brought this product for the colour of the packaging, which might seem a weird reason to buy a mascara. But I hate rummaging round my handbag for products. The bright green colour in a sea of black packaging makes it easy to spot when I need it.  I finish my look with Collection Lip Colour in 21 Rose Wood. It's a gorgeous creamy lip product in a light brown shade, perfect for day time wear.

It takes me no more then 10 minutes to do my makeup every morning. Best of all I can easily fit all these products in a small makeup bag so if I'm out for the day or staying at my boyfriends house I can have everything I need in one little bag. What are your everyday makeup staples? Do you stick to what you know or change products regularly?

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