MAC Lipstcks | Brave, Mehr, Faux


I'm just going to start this post by saying I've never owned a MAC lipstick (which for a beauty blogger is a very rare thing to find) I'm sure you know at this stage I'm very much a drugstore beauty buyer. I would only ever get more expensive, higher end products on special occasions from family rather then buying them myself for everyday use. My cousin got these for me as a gift (she is way too generous) She knew I loved Brave for so long and apparently when she went to get it for me she thought I needed more then one shade (hence why she got me 3)

At first glance they all looked similar but after application there is variations in shade and I really saw how the finishes changed the lipsticks.

The first one is Brave. This has a satin finish with a brown undertone and it's the one I kept using from my cousins collection. Thankfully now I have my own one and I don't have to feel bad taking hers the whole time. Next is Faux. It's a soft rosey pink shade and has a satin finish so it's a lovely day time colour. The last colour is Mehr. It's a gorgeous raspberry red and perfect for nights out or special occasions when I want to make a bit more of a statement.

I can see now why MAC lipsticks are such a popular choice with the blogging community. I am a huge fan of these shades and I know I'll be wearing them all the time now. I would love any suggestions on what shades I should add to my collection.

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