Back from Travelling


G'Day, Kia Ora and Bula....I hope you are all keeping well and you didn't miss me too much. Back in January, just in case you missed it,  I did a travel plans post explaining I would be quitting my job and going on a backpacking trip around Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

As I said, before I left, I would be taking a blogging break during my time away. Now I'm back, I get to share all my amazing adventures with you and show you pictures from my trip along with some tips I learned along the way.

It has been an amazing three months away. The time has gone so fast, I honestly feel like I've only just left. I did some amaing activities, saw things I never expected and made loads of new friends from around the world. I'm going to do some travel diary posts over the next few weeks and slowly settle back into life in the UK.

My extended family in Essex have very kindly put me up till I settle into reality and find my feet. My plan for now is to have a few weeks to see all my friends and family, to have a bit of time to relax and then look for work (and become a reponsible adult again). Oh and I have decided to up my blog game and do posts every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. I cannot wait to chat to you all again and see what you've all been up to since I left.

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