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Today I'm reviewing and swatching Nails inc Pro polishes. They are gel finish long wearing polishes without the need for a UV lamp or soak off. I've heard a lot about these recently so when I saw the stand, I got majorly excited and knew I had to get some. I was instantly drawn to three shades but couldn't decide which one I wanted most so I ended up getting all three (along with a top coat)

Regent's Place: This is a blue shade with a hint of lilac. I thought it was so pretty and bright for Summer. I got so many comments from people in shops saying it was gorgeous so it definitely made a statement. I applied two thin coats, a top coat and they lasted just under a week with no chips.

Waterloo Place: After testing them out all week, this is my favourite one. It's a purpley brown shade that's perfect for day time wear. It's one of those shades that matches every outfit and isn't too dark. Two thin coats and a top coat made this polish last over a week.

Piccadilly Terrace: This is a nude pastel lilac shade. I was so excited about testing this one as I would never have tried this colour before going travelling. Now I have a tan, I wasn't afraid of trying a pastel polish. Unfortunatley it ended up being very disappointing. Firstly it took three coats to look less washy and even though I applied them very thinly, it just looked really thick on my nails (especially around the cuticle) Worst of all it chipped after 3 days. It is a gorgeous colour and a fabulous nude but I just wasn't a fan of it as much as the other two.

I've been wearing Waterloo Place the most as it lasts the longest on my nails. I found the top coat really made a difference and I'm so glad I got it to finish off my nails. It made them look super shiny, it really did make my nails look like I had UV gel on and it dried in less then 5 minutes. I will admit the size of the brush scared me initially as it looked really big but it's actually amazing. It's flat with a round top so it fits right into the cuticle and makes application a dream. I didn't have to swipe over the nail loads, just three strokes and my whole nail was covered. The bottle shape is also really cool, it's easy to hold and looks really sophisticated. The silver lid comes off and reveals an easy to grip, non slip top. I'm really happy I picked them up. I got them at Sallys for £6 (with a trade card) but there are Sallys that aren't just for trade professionals so I would recommend checking them out.

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