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Today is the next part in my series of backpacking posts. My previous post was all about Ultimate Travel, the travel agent I picked to help plan my trip and why I chose them. Today I'm going to talk about the Australia part of the trip and how I survived on a budget. My package included 29 nights accomodation and all my travel (that was paid for before I left) so it was day to day living and spending money that I needed. I managed to live on $25 a day (that converts to about £14) Some days I would spend less and then be able to carry that left over money to the next day to treat myself. I thought I'd share some tips with you on how you can survive on such little money.

Carry a Water Bottle-Bottled water in Australia can be quite expensive, especially if you're buying a large one every day. So just buy one and refill it at every occasion you can, you'll save loads. Along the east coast the water is save to drink from taps and there's loads of public water fountains to refill at. A lot of the hostels I stayed at had fridges in the rooms and a backpackers kitchen area, so you can keep your water cold. Just remember to drink loads. The sun is so powerful along the east coast and it's so easy to get dehydrated.

Make your own food-Eating out is something we all do when we're on holidays, but when you're on a backpacking budget, eating out is not something you can do everyday. Buying food in bulk from a supermarket (just like you'd do at home) is the cheapest way. You can make a large batch of your favourite meal and just keep the rest in the hostel fridges for the following days.

Buy a fridge cooler bag-The hostel fridges are free to use but you do have to label your food so buy a cooler bag and store everything in it and keep it safe in the fridge. It's also a great way to bring food from place to place. At the end of the day, you are travelling, so you move around a lot. Having any food you want to bring in a cooler bag is super handy (and keeps your snacks cold for the journey) and that way you're not wasting any food (and not wasting money)

Hunt out special offers-Whether it's food, drink or activities, there is always great deals in every hostel you stay. Look out for information boards, flyers and posters for what's on. In some places you could get a main meal and large drink for $10. Some hostels gave a complimentary drink when you checked in or special offer spirit and mixer for $5. The east coast of Australia is massive for backpackers so there is always really good deals in the towns.

Get a pay as you go phone-One of the best things I bought was a pay as you go phone. It was a very basic touch screen phone that came with a sim card and a 30 day limit and was perfect for what I needed it for. I think I paid around $30 for the whole thing. I got free international calls, free Australian texts and loads of free data. I was able to confirm my accomodation and activities along the way, I didn't have to pay for roaming or a contract, it just stopped working after 30 days (which was all I needed it for) and I had some data to browse social media and keep in contact with people back home.

Buy toiletries  before you leave-I would advice to buy all these before you leave. You can get these for £1 in poundland. If you wait till you get to Australia, you'll be paying a good deal more then that. Remember you're on the other side of the world and everything that has to be imported is going to be way more expensive. Things like bug spray, plasters, head ache tablets and mosquito spary are very expensive so get all these before you leave.

Bring washing detergent-This was something I was so glad I brought. I found a travel size gel washing detergent in Boots before I left. I used it to wash my clothes in the hostel washing machines (but sometimes they were out of order) so I got very accustomed to washing clothes in a sink. (A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do)

And that brings to the end my money saving tips. Do leave a comment if you found them useful and if you have any other tips, leave them below too.

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