Travel Diary | Coconut Rings in Fiji


Todays travel diary brings me to Fiji. I absolutely loved Fiji, the people, scenery and vibe was just incredible. I island hopped the Yasawas islands (which are teeny tiny little islands past the west coast of the main land) and spent three weeks staying on different islands. One of the places I stayed at was called Long Beach. It was a very basic resort with a family feel to it.  It's a place where if you want to laze on hammocks all day you can but if you wish to get stuck into Fijian crafts, then the locals are delighted to help and show you. One thing I was dying to do, was to make coconut jewellery. On one of my last days there I was taught how to make a coconut ring from scratch.

I started by taking a fallen coconut and peeling off the outer skin with a sharpened stick (bear grylls would have been proud) I then split the coconut in half using my bare hands. There's a stress point on a coconut, that when it's hit hard, splits the whole shell in half. Once I did that I was able to drink the coconut water straight out of the shell (it was the most delicious thing I've ever had) Then came the start of the really hard work. I had to use a metal fork type tool to scrap the coconut out of the shell and gather the coconut in a bowl (the locals used coconut in everything and milk would be squeezed from the coconut flesh to make sauces)

Next came the filing. I had to use a serrated pole file to widden the hole in the middle of the coconut (the hole had to be wide enough to fit my finger) This was by far the hardest part of all. It took at least an hour to slowly file away the inside of the hole. Once that was finally done, I drew a cicle around the hole (this determines the width of the ring) and then got a (very dodgy old blunt) saw to saw a square out of the coconut. In the end I was left with a small square piece of coconut that had a hole in the middle (it was so much work just for that small piece)

Yet again there was more filing. I took my square piece but this time I had to file away the outside edge to get the shape and look of a ring. All in all it took about 2 and a half hours to make it (with a few coffee breaks and arm rests in between) I was (and still am) so proud of my creation. I made the edges round and then left a corner that created a point on top, which I think looks really cool and gives it my own unique twist.

I would never think of doing anything like this at home and I definitely never thought I would. It took so much time, effort and hard graft. But it's something I absolutely loved and I can cherish those memories for years to come.

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