My New Job


I have been home from travelling a few weeks now (to think this time last month I was in Fiji is crazy) It's been strange ajusting to regular life again. I took a week or so to catch up with friends and family and then once I felt settled I started looking for work. I was applying for a variety of jobs and not really getting anywhere with them. It was such a frustrating situation to be in, especially as I was ready to work but was stuck in this limbo situation waiting for replies.

I was getting really fed up with waiting around that I decided to put my blog link on my CV and include it in cover letters when applying to online applications. I thought that my blog would be the perfect showcase to show off my photography, writing, editing and design skills. And hey presto, my theory was right and I began to get responses. I realised that giving employers the link, meant they had visual example of what I could do and achieve (this inspired me to write the benefits of blogging for your CV post)

I was contacted by an online fashion company based in London and went for an interview last Friday. I got to meet the team, see the office and just get a jist of the work they do, along with what my role would be if I was offered a position. I really loved the place, people and vibe. I had a massive smile on my face walking out of the interview and hoped I would be considered.

Two days later (on a Sunday of all days) I got an email saying they were really impressed with me and would love to welcome me to the team (I screamed, I was so excited). I was delighted to hear from them and to find out I had been choosen.

Of course I said yes and last Tuesday I was welcomed into the team. I have been working all week and I can honestly say (for the first time in my life) I may have found my dream job. I get to do everything from printing invoices for clothes orders, answering emails and general office duties to finding models, doing makeup and deciding fashion looks for photoshoots. I will even get the chance to be the photographer for the shoots. I will be able to edit and upload the photos to the website along with writing up product descriptions.

It's insane to think what my job actually intales, it's not just one thing I do every day. Best of all, all the work I do will be used online and seen by everyone who shops on the website. It like a combination of everything I love and enjoy doing all rolled into one job. I've had a whole week of training and my brain is full of new and exciting information. I have never been so excited to go to work everyday and I've never had an opportunity like this.

I'm still in probation period and I've another few weeks of training to make sure I'm totally confident with everything I'm meant to do. I never thought jobs like this existed and I never thought in a million years I'd be doing a job that involves so many different things. I will keep you all posted on how it's all going but I'm delighted to be back working and doing something I love.

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