Travel Diary | Missing Fiji


I've just realised I'm home from travelling over a month now which is crazy. Being back to full time work means I've adjusted into London life again (I'm even complaining about the weather and train delays) Thankfully there are little things that spark memories of my travels which always makes me smile to myself and then instantly makes me miss it so much.

Even watching films or documentaries and seeing something as silly as a palm tree makes me miss it. I've spoken to so many people about this and they all say the same. At least it's a normal thing to feel and I can text people I met while travelling and reminisce to help ease the missing.

I do get asked a lot where I miss the most and where I would travel back to and I always say Fiji. (I'm far right in the above pic holding a basket made out of a palm tree, as you do). I miss the feeling of being free, seeing the sun every day, walking on beaches, swimming in the sea and just being isolated. I explained in my other travel diary posts how beautiful but remote Fiji is. Especially the little islands I visited along the east coast of the main land, the people, surroundings and just general living was so far removed from what I'm used to, yet weirdly it was something I adapted to in an instant. All my family thought I would move to the east coast of Australia, but Fiji to me was just on another level of amazing and beauty.

I definitly feel I will go back there and my dream is to do some charity work with children. I met some amazing kids on the island and it broke my heart to leave them. They would just come up to you and sit on your lap, with not a care in the world and no parents telling them they can't talk to strangers. It was all so lovely and innocent. I don't know the last time a random kid came up to me and sat on my lap, introduced themselves asnd asked if I wanted to play football. I really bonded with some of the kids and we made sand turtles together. One little kid called Bill helped decorate his sand turtle by gathering shells with a flip flop  (he was so adorbale)

Every day was so chilled and relaxed, the sea was so blue, the sky never ended and the sun made me more tanned then I've ever been in my life. No one cared how you looked, what clothes you wore, what your job was or what your background was. Every one was equal, special and loved just for them without judgement. It was just so amazing to strip away all the things we take for granted and be happy with the bare essentials, to just chat about life, travel stories and be bonded together by being in the same place at the same time (it's definitely something I've tried to continue since coming home)

Some of the islands had designated times for hot water and electricity, the beds only had sheets and pillows and you had to wash clothes in the sink or sea. This might sound like a nightmare to some poeple, especially having to travel all that way but I didn't care about these things once. Sometimes being stripped of everything you think you need, makes you realise how little you really need it. I got to make things like jewellery from coconuts, weave palm tree leaves into baskets and have a basic lifestyle (which in all honestly was one of the best feelings in the world)

I do miss it and wish that people in London were less uptight, more open and just fancied a chat. You get funny looks if you talk to a stranger on the tube and people are just generally sceptical if you try talking to them at all. Even in bars or restaurants, if you talk to someone of the opposite sex, they think you're trying to chat them up. This mentality is really sad in a way. Can we not just get along and be friends and not have some agenda?! The world would be a better place if we let our walls down, allowed ourselves to be ourselves and just got to know more people.

Ok wow, I wasn't expecting this post to take this kind of turn. I've just rambled on and let my hand just type what I was thinking but sometimes you just have to write things down and say what's in your head. It's currently 1am and I have work in like 5 hours so I should scheduele this post and go to sleep. I don't even know if what I've wrote makes any sense or if it's in any logical order, but just sometimes you have to write unplanned, unedited posts and just say yeah that's it, that's what I'm thinking at this point in time.. So yes, you'll be seeing this on Tuesday so I hope you enjoyed it and if you like these random rambles do let me know and I'll be sure to open my laptop the next time I feel like I fancy 1am chats.

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