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A few weeks ago I went to the 30 Plus Bloggers Awards and was given a very generous goody bag from The Body Shop. Ever since then I've been obsessed with a few products and been using them everyday and chatting about them constantly on twitter and instagram (@sarah_hamersley) so I thought it was about time I gave them their own post.

With any new skincare routine you do have to allow a few weeks for your skin to adjust (Plus as they were freebies I felt it was only right to test them out properly before talking about them) hence why it's taken me a little while to write this.

As you know, I'm obsessed with The Body Shop, so to get handed a bag full of skincare on the night of the awards, meant I was in my absolute element. I tested them all out and have narrowed it down to these few favourites which are perfect for my skin and have really made a massive difference over the last few weeks. I've even had my other half asking what I've been doing differently (so if a boy has noticed the difference and has complimented my skin then I know I'm onto a winner)

I start my day and night routine by cleansing with Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil. This is a pure oil product with a pump dispenser which I think is way better then the bottles with pin hole dispenser (so it's already better then the oil infused micellar water product I was using before now) As it's a chamomile product, it's perfect for my sensitive skin, it lifts every ounce of makeup and dirt off my face without being in any way harsh or irritating. During the day I use a dry cotton pad to wipe away excess oil but at night I just leave it be and let the oil naturally soak in.

I follow with the Vitamin E Moisture Cream which really hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling really soft. The consistancy is lovely and light, has a really gentle smell and for some reason it reminds me of the cult classic Olay (I used to rob my mums Olay as a kid and for some reason this moisturiser brings me back to that so that might explain why I love it so much)

Under makeup I've been using Skin Defence as a base. It has SPF 50 which is exactly what you should use on your face, even in dull weather (plus as your skin matures, it's so important to protect it even more to prevent ageing) This has all the things my skin needs to stay bright, fresh and protected.

As an extra night time skin treat I use Oils Of Life. This is an intense facial oil made with 3 precious seed oils that repair, nourish and revitalise the skin. My skin acts like a sponge when I put this on (It's like my pores open and suck this oil right in) I love that the packaging is a glass dip dye bottle with little dropper dispenser (it just makes this product feel very luxurious and special) 2 or 3 drops is absolutely loads to do your whole face. It has a subtle natural smell which makes you feel like you've been to have a facial. If you've mature skin and you don't have an anti-ageing oil in your evening skincare routine, you need to get this.

Lastly is Drops Of Youth, Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask which is a night time mask and is probably my absolute favourite of them all. At first glance it looks like a moisturiser but when you use the little baby spatcula (yes it even comes with it's own utensil) the mask has a bounce to it like memory foam. I've never seen a product like it before and was so excited to use it. I did wonder why a massive jar would have such a little utensil but then I realised it's because you only need a tiny amount of product. I scoop it straight onto my face and let it work its magic while I drift off to the land of nod. The product plumps the skin over night, smoothes the texture and makes it soft and refreshed.

Every morning I've woken feeling really happy with how my skin looks and feels. I'm so excited to be using these products. Expect to see them again in future hauls as I know I'm going to repurchase when these run out.

I really hope you've enjoyed this post and that it's given you some inspiration on what to look out for the next time you're in The Body Shop if you have sensitive, mature, dehydrated or combination skin. As always you can find me on all my social media places. Do come and say hi and let me know if you've tried these or what you're favourite is.

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