Primark Workout Haul


On a recent trip to Primark I picked up some new work out clothes. There's certain times of the year I feel really motivated to work out. As the weather gets colder and the Winter starts to creep in, my motivation does tend to lower.

One thing I do to prevent myself losing motivation is buying new work out clothes. It might sound weird but to me new clothes can really change my mood. Think about it, buying a new dress for a night out lifts your mood and makes you more confident. New gym clothes for me works the exact same. Wearing something colourful, feminine and figure hugging motivates me more to stay working out and I feel better in myself when I look in the mirror cause I'm not dressed in any old thing. So when I saw my local Primark stocked with new work out clothes, I couldn't leave without something.

First thing I picked up was this pink camo print sports bra (£5) I love the design and pattern of this. I went up a size just for added support (I also didn't want any clevage on show) It has a crossover back and a wide band so it sits very comfy around my chest and keeps all my lady curves in place while I work out. I also picked up these black tracksuit bottoms (£8) which have 2 white stripes down the side, a thick elastic waistband and tie strings. They are low rise and have a slight flare at the end which sits perfectly over trainers. Last thing I got was an oversized bomber (£18) in a gorgeous blush pink, which comes to the top of my thighs when opened. It has two pockets, cuffed sleeves and hem, a zip fastening and can be rolled up to waist length once zipped. I went up two sizes just because I like baggy bomber jackets.

I absolutely love this colour combination and think the mixture of pink and black is gorgeous. I'm so happy with my new purchases. This is my first fashion based blog post so I'm still learning but I just wanted to try something different. Let me know if you'd like to see more fashion based posts from me and I'll chat to you all in my next post.

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