Food Diary | November


You know the drill at this stage, end of the month means it's monthly food favourites time. I find, especially at this time of year, waking when it's dark and coming home in the dark, the idea of having to face into cooking can seem like such a chore. I've taken even more time to meal plan and made sure what I planned to eat was quick, easy, tasty, filling and healthy. 

Scrambled egg on bagel- 5 minutes
I whisk 2 eggs, with milk, salt and pepper, in a pyrex bowl and put into the microwave for 3 minutes (this method makes the eggs really fluffy, there's no pots to wash up after and it gives time to prepare the rest of the food) I boil green beans, toast a bagel, spread on cream cheese, top with smoked salmon and serve everything with fresh spinach.

Prawn Avocado Toast- 5 minutes
I fry off lime and chilli king prawns (you can buy ones that are already marinated), toast Irish soda bread, spread on avocado and serve with a rocket, tomato and balsamic glaze dressing.

Stuffed Sweet Potato- 40 minutes
I found this Jamie Oliver recipe during the month and been make big batches of the salad and sauce to have with chicken, fish and tortilla chips during the last few weeks. You can see the full ingredients and method on the stuffed sweet potato recipe post.

Honeycomb Latte- Costa
I don't think I've had a drink in a monthly favourites before but when Costa bring out their Christmas coffee menu, it's very hard not to have a favourite flavour. Mine is the honeycomb latte (topped with cream and honeycomb chocolate bites of course) If you like crunchie, then you'll love this (I want one now just looking at this picture because they are honestly so delicious) 

Fruit Tea - Twinings
When I'm not drooling over Costa coffee, I make sure to have green teas. It's so important to keep your immune system up, increase Vitamin C and boost your metabolism during this time of year, so I opt for fruit green teas from Twinings. They have a such a huge selection for every mood I'm in, their flavours are gorgeous and the taste last the whole way to the bottom of the cup.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it's given you some inspiration for quick and healthy food options. I would love you to leave me a comment on your thoughts and don't forget you can follow and chat to me on all my social media platform, I'm always online. Chat soon x

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