Christmas Q&A


Is anyone else feeling like today is such a lull day?! I don't want to admit Christmas is over, I'm just settling into being on holidays, New Years Eve is only days away and I'm back to work very soon so I feel like I'm having a Christmas hump day (if that's even a thing) To take away my hump day mood I thought I would do a Christmas Q and A. Everyone has their own traditions, favourite movies and routines and I thought it would be fun to combine them all in one post.

Favourite Christmas Movie: I do love a good Christmas movie and I know there are so many good classics out there like Home Alone and Elf but my favorite movie is Serendipity. It's about love at first sight and if things are meant to be, they will be. It's such a lovely romantic movie and definitely one your other half could sit through without wishing the minutes away.

Favorite Christmas Chocolate: I prefer Roses to Quality Street and Celebrations to Heroes but if I was to look for one chocolate under the tree it would have to be Terrys Chocolate Orange followed in close second by toblerone. My mum used to get us one or the other as kids (she would always wrap the toblerone which was kind of a waste because in all fairness what else would it be) and I used to laugh and go 'ohhh I wonder what it could possibly be.

Favourite Christmas Tradition: It has to be putting up the tree. I love getting the decorations and lights out and making the living room look all festive and cosy. I usually put mine up early December and keep it up till early January. The room always looks so bare when it's taken down and I always feel sad that the festive season is over for another year.

Favourite type of Christmas Tree: I personally prefer real trees. I love the smell and look of a real tree. Fake trees are easier and reusable which is very handy but there's just something about a real tree that you just can't get with a fake one.

Favourite part of Christmas dinner: This might be a weird answer but I have to have good gravy. There's nothing as bad as a dry Christmas dinner and gravy for me is a must. If you took away the meat or potatoes I wouldn't mind, but if there wasn't any gravy I wouldn't feel satisfied.

Favourite Christmas drink: Baileys and Christmas go hand in hand. I do love the scent of mulled wine but as a drink I would always opt for Baileys first. Plus it can be used in cream, cheesecake or on its own as a night cap without being too strong or overpowering so I get more use out of it after the festive season is over.

Getting or receiving presents: I love giving presents. I try to give personal presents of things I think people will like. Even if it's a secret Santa present, I'll try do some investigating to find out something that the person likes. To me it just makes it a bit more special and even if it's small at least there's been thought behind it. Remembering something someone has said and buying a present with that in mind will always make that gift a bit more special.

Favourite Christmas Song: Rocking around the Christmas tree gets me moving and smiling everytime I hear it (especially the version in Home Alone) Even if it gets stuck in my head, it's not really annoying, it doesn't have a sad undertone like many other Christmas songs and it's just happy and festive.

Favorite Christmas Jumper Style: I love soft and cosy jumpers and like having a snow scene, pengiuins or reindeer. I like having 3D elements, like a bauble nose or something and if they light up then I'm sold. I'm not a fan of silly slogans or ones with rude sayings, give me classic and I'm happy.

Gift wrapping or wrapping paper: This year I've opted for gift wrapping and went to town on ribbon, twine and bells (check out my gift wrapping post here) This is the first year I've been creative with my gift wrapping and I honestly really enjoyed. I know it'll all be thrown in the bin and lasts all of two seconds but it's just a nice feeling giving personal gifts in personal wrapping.

So there you have it. I really hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to answer these questions in the comments below or you can tweet/ tag me on instagram (@sarah_hamersley) with your answers. Hope you're enjoying the rest of the festive season. Chat to you very soon.

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