Starting a meal plan


Changing how you look and feel starts in the kitchen. If you want to maintain a fitness plan for the year and not be one of those January gym goers, you have to make sure the food you eat is priority. Last week I spoke about one of my favourite things I do on a weekly basis and that's meal plan. As I explained it ensures I eat more regularly, that I have food in my fridge ready to go when I get home, that I don't feel hungry throughout the day and that I have all the nutrients and proteins needed to help my muscles recover from the gym and keep my energy levels up.

If you are looking to start mealing plan, the first step is to buy loads of lunch boxes or tubberware containers. Buy them in loads of shapes and sizes. I have a whole drawer in my kitchen full of them and they are honestly the best things ever. I don't like the have the exact same thing everyday so I have different boxes depending on what I'm having. If I make a big batch of soup I can seprate it out into boxes, ready to grab when I need. Plus if I want to bring loads of little things like oats, nuts, fruit and yogurt, I can bring them in little boxes and then assemble all the contents together when I get to work.

Next step I would say is to have loads of good core ingredients in your fridge and cupboards. My weekly shop would normally always consist of porridge, granola, almond milk, mixed trail nuts, chicken, steak, salmon, avocado, eggs, all of the green veggies like spinach, brocolli and greens beans. I would then get peppers, onions, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber and celery with bananas, blueberries and apples along with brown rice, cous cous and sweet potato. I can make endless amounts of combinations and mix and match the meat, veggies and carbs in loads of variations so I don't get bored easily.

Look up recipes or hunt out some healthy eating cook books. Having a selection of recipes makes everything easier and more exciting. Having different way to combine food or adding a new flavour can transform a plain meal and make it that little bit more enjoyable.

I would then say to batch cook when you can and when you're looking up recipes, see if you can batch cook any of the meals you come across. When I'm making dinner I will purposely make extra so that I can have it for lunch or dinner the following day. That way I can grab it straight from the fridge and either bring it to work or reheat in the microwave when I get home. This is also a great idea because it saves me having to cook every night. Sometimes I don't get home from the gym till half past 9 at night so having a healthy filling meal that's reheated in 5 minutes is life saver.

The last thing I would say is to be prepared to eat more food. My meal plan makes me have a healthier approach and attitude to food, it stops me skipping meals and I eat way more then I used to. I eat every three hours, whether it's protein shakes, lunch or snacks, I am always eating. I have so much more energy, I'm fueling my body for the gym and giving it the recovery it needs to be able to do it all again the next day. I'm not cutting out any food group but I'm just more controlled with what I eat.

Being prepared is key to a healthy lifestyle so I hope this post has inspired you even more to start meal planning. I've been posting some of my favourite meals on instagram (@sarah_hamersley) so make sure you're following me there if you're looking for some more food inspiration and recipe ideas. Hope you're all having a good week, hopefully chat to you soon.

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