A Printed Tee Is A Bit Of Me


I just love a good pair of jeans and a well fitted t-shirt. It's a look that's so easy and effortless and there's no fuss invloved. I get stressed when I have to put 'an outfit' together that involves loads of seperates so when I shop, I buy clothes that will go with what I already own. My wardrobe is full of items I can mix and match, so no matter what's clean or what the weathers like, I know I can grab and go (and look like I have my life together when really I dont haha) I feel comfortable and confident in jeans and t-shirts, I team it up with a pair of cons and a leather jacket and hey presto, I'm out the door feeling comfortable and confident.

Recently I have particularly been loving printed t-shirts and on a recent zalando order I filled my basket with loads. I'm obsessed with them at the minute and thought I'd share my favourites from my wardrobe that I've grabbed the most over the last few weeks.

Grey Black Graphic tee- This t-shirt has the cutest black ink illustrations all around it. With cactus, stars, icecream, lips and cupcakes on it I just had to get it. It has a wide round neck line and short sleeve and it tucks perfectly into a pair of high waisted jeans. It also had a 'let's be awesome' patch on the bottom left hand side which is another cute detail that can be see when the t-shirt is worn loose.

White Anchor tee- This is a white tee, that again is fully printed but this time has black anchors and mini red polka dots on it. It's a stretchy jersey material and is a lot more of a snug fit but thankfully doesn't show your bra (it's a very rare to find white tops that don't show up your bra) The design is subtle enough for this top could be worn smart or casual (I wore it with a blazer recently and it looked very smart indeed)

Dark Grey Aztec Pocket tee- A lot of aztec printed tops are just too jazzy for me, but this dark grey one is perfect for me as the print is just on the pocket. It's staying on the printed spectrum without being too jazzy or over the top. This is a bit more baggier and longer then the other two. It can be worn both loose and tucked it. It has too slits up the side hems which means you can wear the back loose (if you like to cover your booty) and then you can tuck in the front into jeans (the slits make it that bit more versatille so you can play arond with the style a bit more).

As I said, these are the most worn printed tees in my wardrobe at the moment. I really hope you enjoyed this post and you enjoyed finding out about my latest purchases (and you ignored my awkward posy pics...I was trying to hide a messy floor in the background haha)

Oh and also, before I go, if you didn't know I am one of Jemmas (dorkface.co.uk) advertsiers for the month of May so I'm going to make the most of it and have more content on my blog (I know I've been slacking recently due to putting so much effort into the gym) but I wanted to put myself out there more with advertsising (it's one of my goals for 2017......yeah.....remember them...hands up if you've already forgotten your new years resolutions) I want to put some extra needed effort into my blog so this month expect an array of posts and topics and chats (and hopefully this will be the new lease of life I needed for my blog) For now, I'm gonna say bye bye and tidy my room and I will chat to you all in my next post.

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