Turning negativity into positivity


It's currently 8am on a Monday morning, I'm wrapped up in bed with a cup of tea, feeling happy and having a day off. However yesterday was a different story, I was one of those moods where I just wanted to lock myself away in a darkened room, not do anything and just mooch about feeling sorry for myself (for no reason) I analysised my whole life, what I was doing, where I was going and just got into a whirlwind mental black hole. And yet even with what seemed like the weight of the world on my shoulders, if I tried to explain what was wrong and put into words what was going on in my head, I couldn't.

This type of thing used to happen to me quite a bit when I was a teenager but thankfully as I've grown up I've realised that these thoughts are ok, once they're controlled and I don't allow them take over, they are perfectly natural and part of being a human being. Everyone has doubts and questions life and overthinks, but turning them into a positive is key. It's ok to question life. It's even more ok to not have the answers but to acknowledge the thoughts and do something with them.

The first think I do on days like that is just watch tv and have cuddles and not talk much and eat loads of food. I stay away from social media and switch off from the world. I may even have a little cry just to get the emotions out. I would then have a shower or a bath and just freshen myself up after having a super crappy feeling morning. I would put on my favouirte expensive perfume and just try make myself feel special. I wouldn't try making sense of what was going on in my head, I would just listen to my body and do what felt natural.

I would then be creative in someway. Whether it's looking up photoshop tutorials or looking up art work, being creative in someway is one of my favourite ways to channel any negative thoughts. I would see something that I like and then look up how I could create it myself. Learning a new skill and putting my brain to use forces me to concentrate on something I didn't know and even if it's something really simple, creating a thing that's part of me is so rewarding. The creative thing I did yesterday was I made my new blog logo and created the picture for this post (both of which I absolutely love and feel proud of) and if it wasn't for having an off day yesterday , I probably wouldn't have come across the ideas and wouldn't have got the spark to redo my blog.

The next thing I would do is exercise. Whether I go for a walk or to the gym, I again focus on a task which will keep my brain active and keep it working in positive ways. When I go to the gym on days like that, I actually push myself more. I do more body weight exercises or dumb bell exercises. Lifting, pushing and pulling releases the inner turmoil and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I lift something really heavy or do an extra few reps on a set. It also helps me feel strong, powerful and in control. Seeing as my mind is running circles, taking control of my body and making my muscles work realeases happy hormones, calms me down and makes me go an extra mile in my workout.

The last thing I would do is talk about it (but not until the next day) Once I've done all the other things, I've got my brain working in a more positive way, I'm feeling more happier in myself and I'm thinking more clearly, I then talk to someone I trust. I would tell them I had an off day and then I would tell them I need to change something (saying it out loud makes it real). I would never dismiss my down days, I would use them as a sign of change. In the past my down days have led me to doing some amazing things (they have led me to moving my life to London, it led me to quitting my job to travel and it led me to changing my career path and retraining in something I really love) At the end of the day, each step and new path I go down, I learn something new about myself, I challenge myself and help me be a better me.

Don't dismiss down days but don't allow them take over either. Take control of your body and your mind will follow. It's ok not to be ok. Allow the clouds and the rain to come and you'll appreciate the sunshine even more when it shines. Have a lovely week, keep smiling and we'll chat again soon x

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  1. Very truthful and a well written post x