Max Factor Colour Elixir Gloss


I've another Max Factor product to show you today. This time round Max Factor have released a range of glosses, €10.49 in Boots, that give super shiny lips but with the feel of a balm. They come in 6 shades, ranging from barely there nude to a cherry red. They contain smoothing mineral oil, nourishing candelilla wax and shine enhancers so you get shine without any stickiness.

 As always the Max Factor packaging is gorgeous. The touch of gold just makes them look more expensive then they are. The sponge applicator is also another thing I'm fond of. The wand goes right down to the end of the sponge, which makes application so much easier and stable. (I'm sick of glosses that have a floppy ended applicator) They give a super shiny finish, feel really nourishing and don't leave my lips dry or stained once they wore off.

In terms of pigment, there's only slight differences in the nudes. When applied, it can be hard to tell which one you have on but would suit anyone who prefers a simple finishing touch rather then a definite colour. Also if you simply just want to add shine to a lipstick without changing the colour of the lipstick, then these would be a great addition to your look. The coloured glosses do show the colour more and are perfect to add a pop of colour to your look. However when applied, they aren't as strong as I had anticipated from the outside but do have longer lasting time then the nudes.

These are definitely perfect for Summer makeup as they are subtle and super shiny. If you like a sheer tint of colour on the lips rather then a dense lipstick look and you're a lipgloss fanatic, then these are for you.

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