Paese Summertime Nail Varnish


I'm excited to show these 3 gorgeous Paese nail varnishes from their Summertime Collection that I received in the Cork Meetup Goodie Bags. The collection has ten super vibrant shades but these three are definitely my favourite. 342 Sunny Yellow Shimmer is warm bumble bee kind of yellow that's bright and cheerful.  345 Deep Coral is a warm tangerine orange shade. 348 Jade Green is a like a mixture of mint and turquoise.

The colours are vibrant, bright and so pigmented. They glide on super easily, dry so quickly and don't have a very harsh varnish smell. The swatches show 2 coats of colour and wait for it, NO top coat. I can't get over the shine and colour strength of the polishes. They're not washy or pasty what so ever. To me they look just like a gel. Once completely dry, they feel like a gel too. 

One thing I want to draw special attention to is the bottle shape. The rectangle shape means they sit beside each other easily and snuggly and for us nail polish addicts, when it comes to storage, shape matters. Plus I find them much easier to hold onto when painting my own nails.

Best of all they are a bargain hunters dream. Coming in at only 4.99 each on, you would be a fool not to have a few of these in your collection. I'm already deciding what colous I want to buy for Winter. If you've never heard of this brand and you have a spare few minutes and want some bargain polishes, then definitely give this site a look.

Massive thankyou to Paese for being so generous and giving each blogger who attended, some amazing products for our goodie bags.

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  1. I've never heard of these before but I really want to give them a try! Especially for that price! I love the green one! :)

    1. I definitely think it's a brand that needs more exposure as the products are gorgeous and so affordable. I've had my yellow mani for a week now and still not a chip in sight. Do get the green one, it would look fab on you with your new hair :) x