Cocowhite Teeth Whitening


As you all know, I'm on a get fit, get fab, new me, type thingy. And since I'm working on my body, I thought I'd work on my teeth and test out a teeth whitening method called oil pulling. This is a natural ancient tradition using coconut oil to give you whiter teeth, stronger gums and fresher breath. It's recently become a huge beauty trend and has a celebrity following, so I thought I'd see what it's all about and test a product called Cocowhite.

I bought the Minty Fresh 2 week course for £19.99. The delivery comes next day (if you order before 2pm) 14 sachets are contained in a rectangle box with full instructions on the back. Once a day, you take a sachet, rub it in your hands to liquidise the contents, cut along the line, squeeze the contents into your mouth and basically swirl for 5-15 minutes in your mouth before spitting out and finally brush your teeth as normal.

Coconut oil has quite a bitter taste but these are mint flavoured to disguise the coconut oil. However the first time I used one I found the texture and process really weird. Normally I swirl mouthwash for 30 seconds to a minute in my mouth, but having to do that for at least 5 minutes, with a thicker liquid, was a bit difficult. I kept having the urge to swollow (which I knew I couldn't do) and I found my mouth and jaw getting quite tired and sore. After spitting it out there was a residue in my mouth which went away after brushing.

I've been using them everyday for the past 2 weeks and my teeth are whiter but does that justify the process?! I personally don't think so. Yes it's all natural, yes it makes a difference and yes it's a very affordable product. But I just don't think I'm a fan of the swirling process. If I could put the product directly onto my toothbrush and brush my teeth for 5 minutes or if I could pour the product into a mouth guard and use it on my teeth in that way, I'd be much happier.

This is one of these processes I've heard amazing things about and some not so nice things about. So it really is personal preference. If you're a fan of oil pulling, then this is a great product. I am however still on the hunt, if you have any recommendations.

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  1. I need to give these a go! I feel like I'm not commited enough to do it for that long every day though!

    1. If you can put up with the process and don't mind the swirling for that long every day then definitely give them a go, but if not, then you're like me and might have to try another product