Introducing Nutribuddy Starter Kit


Happy New Year everyone! If you follow me on twitter or snapchat you'll see I've decided to be a healthier and fitter person, I want to stop snacking and overindulging on chocolate and junk food, drink less alcohol and loose the Christmas belly.

I don't want to set myself a new years resolution to loose a certain amount of weight or drastically change my eating habits (cause I know it won't last) So in a bid to achieve my 'healthier me' goals, I signed up to a blogger outreach programme where I saw Nutribuddy Food Supplement. I did loads of research on the products and knew from what I saw it would be something I'd find easy to use and review. I had to pitch my reason for reviewing Nutribuddy products to the company and amazingly my pitch was accepted.

I was then sent the Weight Loss starter kit to test and review. This kit contains Sculpting Whey shake mix in Vanilla (also available in Chocolate), Hunger Fix capsules, Multivitamins, a shaker bottle and a little book of weight loss with loads of info on each product and an amazing food plan.

I'm not a fad diet person and I've never done anything like the Atkins diet cause it's just not healthy or natural and the results never last cause it's just too extreme for your body. Researching Nutribuddy, it was nothing like I'd seen before, it's all natural, doesn't contain unnecessary fillers and is something that I could include in my lifestyle with ease. Basically it's more like an extra healthy boost rather then a sudden shock to the system.

You take one of the multivitamins in the morning. Then 1-2 hunger fix capsules around an hour before each meal with two glasses of water. They contain a natural ingredient called Glucomannan which basically makes you feel fuller for longer and takes up space in your stomach so you eat less. As a snack between meals or as a meal replacement for lunch or dinner, you have a shake using the Sculpting Whey. It boosts your metabolism (which breaks down food quicker) it helps burn fat, is low in fat and high in protein.

That's the technical bit which all sounds great. But the best bit for me is you're not to skip meals. They have a meal plan with options of what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner (with a calorie count included). Their recipes look gorgeous and include things like pancakes, chilli con carne and creamy chicken. You can have the shake mixed with milk or water or even add more ingredients to make a milk shake (there's recipes for this in the book too). The majority of the recipes are for food I'd eat anyway so I'm very happy about that.

I hope you'll be with me on this journey. Keep an eye out for update posts every Sunday for the next four weeks. I'll then do a final review post with some before and after pictures to see if it actually works.

Week 1 of Nutribuddy and shake recipes
Week 2 Update and cooked healthy recipes
Week 3 Update and cold lunch recipes
Final Review with before and after pics 

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  1. I saw your snapchat story about this and I'm super intrigued the recipes look so delicious! I'd love it if you shared some either on here or on you snapchat!
    Coleoftheball xx

    1. I've done an up to date post with some shake recipes and I'll be doing some more posts with lunch and dinner recipes as well. Glad you're following me and that you enjoy the recipes blog about over the next few weeks xx