Makeup Brush Cleaning Mitt


Makeup brush cleaning is something that, let's admit, we all put off as long as we can. I used to use the palm of my hand but that method never really made my brushes super clean. On a recent trip to the 99p store, I came across something that sparked an idea. I'd seen makeup brush cleaning mats on the market that have a raised textures to give brushes a good cleanse. When I saw this double sided Body Massage Glove with the same looking raised textures, I thought I'd buy it and use it for my makeup brushes instead. It's such a simple idea. The 3D surfaces are used to scrub the dirt off the brushes. The coarse and fine side of the mitt means you can get deep down into the bristles and make the whole brush look brand new.

Squeeze some shampoo in a bowl. You can use anything from baby shampoo to clarifying shampoo. If your brushes are really dirty, you can use coconut oil as the oil will break up the makeup thats built up over time. Pop the glove over one hand, then dampen your brush and the mitt. Dap the brush into the shampoo and start to scrub it in circular motions over the mitt to create a lather. Keep dampening the brush and rubbing over the mitt to make sure you're getting right down into the bristles.

Keep doing this on both sides of the mitt until the water runs clear. The more frequently you clean your brushes, the quicker it'll take. I hadn't done mine for at least a month but using this mitt, they were all clean in less then 5 minutes. You just dry the brush with a towel, reshape the bristles and dry flat. Then you can use an antibacterial soap to clean the mitt and again let it dry naturally.

This mitt will make your life so much easier so I highly recommend it. And for only 99p, there's no excuse not to have clean brushes anymore.

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  1. I bought one of these ages ago for this exact purpose and now I can't find the bloody thing haha! I did however buy a mini one from Tiger just recently and it'll be super handy for smaller brushes! It's actually a face cleanser pad or something but pretty much the same as what you have in this post only about the size of a creme egg!

    1. Oh did you really? great minds think alike :) I'll have to go into Tiger and find the one you have, thanks for the recommendation, especially for small brushes, it sounds perfect. x