Nutribuddy || Week 2


 I'm two weeks into using my Nutribuddy starter kit (I'll leave links at the end of this post for all weekly updates) Last week I talked about shake recipes I've been making with the Nutribuddy Sculpting Whey. This week I've taken inspiration from the meal plan that came with the starter kit, which included smoked salmon scrambled aggs and marinated aubergine salad.

Scrambled Eggs:
Crack 2 eggs into a Pyrex bowl and add 100ml of semi skimmed milk. Pop it into the microwave for 5 mins. Once cooked break up the mixture with a fork and stir in pepper and lemon juice. Serve with a few slices of smoked salmon.

Aubergine Salad:
Slice aubergine and coat with coconut oil. Oven cook for 30 mins at 200 deg. Half way through cooking, add cherry tomatoes. Once they're cooked, toss in balsamic vinegar. Serve in a bowl with handful of sultanas, rocket and a splash of balsamic and coconut oil. Mix up the recipe by swapping the aubergine for avocado and add some shaving of parmesean.

I've cut alcohol out completely this week (I didn't even have any on my cheat day) Instead for my cheat day I decided to have a healthy option of one of my favourite foods (fish and chips). I had steamed salmon instead of battered cod and made spicy sweet potato fries coated in coconut oil and paprika, instead of chips.

I'm drinking at 2 litres of water every day. I don't know why but drinking that much water everyday was something I used to find so difficult to do. Now before each meal I have one pint of water (with 1-2 hunger fix tablets) and another pint of water with each meal. This is the way I've found the easist to increase my water intake.

Because of all of these changes and keeping up what I've done last week, I've started to notice differences. Firstly my skin has improved massively. I'm getting less breakouts and my skin looks and feels really healthy. Even my family has noticed the difference and commented how great my skin looked when I was having a no makeup day. I also feel so full of energy. I'm not as tired as I was and I'm not getting a slump in the middle of the day. The bloated feeling I had in my stomach has reduced massively, I'm getting less cravings for sugar and sweets and I just feel a lot happier in myself.

I'm almost half way through the bag of sculpting whey and hunger fix tablets so I've still another 2-3 weeks to go. I'm so happy I'm still using this product and the fact I'm starting to see results makes it easier to carry on. Look out for my week 3 update with more healthy recipes and check out the previous posts below.

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  1. I am really loving these updates posts and your snapchat stories! That aubergine salad sounds delicious!
    Cole xx

    1. Glad you're enjoying them and keeping up to date on my progress. It's a really tasty filling salad, you should definitely try it if you have a chance xx