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If you follow me on twitter (sarah_hamersley) you'd have found out the exciting news that I'm doing a massive backpacking trip in less then two weeks. It's been a very long time in the planning and I had to work a hell of a lot of hours to pay for it but it's finally happening on the 15th of February.

I'm going to backpack all along the south and East Coast of Australia up to Cairns which will take about a month and a half. I'm going to do everything from kayaking with dolphins, rainforest zip wire, surf lessons, snorkling the great barrier reef and (another) skydive.  I then fly to New Zealand for 2 weeks and see both the north and south island where I'll do things like fox glacier, bike trails and a rugby lesson at NZ Sports Academy. For the last 3 weeks I fly to Fiji for a chill and more sun (just incase I didn't have enough). I don't have a criteria at all for this part of the trip. I've basically just got a boat pass so I can island hop and rest after all the adventures I'll have done in Oz and NZ.

I fly home to London in May through LA (cause clearly I'm not seeing enough places). Everything is organised and paid for, all I have to do is shop, pack and go. If you have any posts on travelling Australia, back packing etc please do leave me links below as I'm nervous but so so excited about going and doing such a major trip like this. I've never travelled this far for this long and never had the opportunity before now so I'm actually gonna burst that this is actually happening.

I will be taking a blogging break while I'm away so from the 15th of February till the 15th of May, my blog will be very quiet (sheds a tear) but I will be on social media as much as I can and of course write loads of posts when I'm home and fill you in on my adventures.

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