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I've been using the Nutribuddy starter kit for just over a month now and today I had my last shake from the pack. I've shared my weekly updates with you and some recipe ideas (all those links are below) over the past month and now the time has come for me to share my final thoughts and review of the products.

The packaging is colourful but neutrel so suits male and female users. I liked that the products came in a seal pack rather then screw tops. I found this nice especially for the pills when I carried them in my handbag as I didn't get that annoying pill rattle shake from my bag. I found the free booklet very helpful as it has product explanations, healthy tips and a meal plan, so it was a handy reference to have, especially for a first time user.

I hadn't taken a multivitamin before but I did notice differences from using them. My skin improved, I felt less tired throughout the day and (as they contain ingredients which strengthen your immune system) I fought off every cold and flu around. (honestly I've not been sick once this year) I did however find the herbal taste a bit weird (which did go once I drank more water). Be warned if you have trouble swollowing tablets though, as they are on the large side and don't have a silky coating.

The hunger fix tablets are smaller, have no taste and do have a silky coating which mean they are much easier to take. I took between 3 and 6 everyday with two glasses of water at least 15 mins before each meal. They have an ingredient called Glucomannan which is a natural ingredient that keeps hunger cravings at bay, helps you feel fuller for longer and therefore you eat less food. When I first started using these I began to feel full half way through my meals. As the weeks have gone on and I continued to use them before each meal, I started to eat less/ portion control (gone are the days I pack my plate like a mountain) Thanks to these tablets, I've learned to eat what I need, feel fuller on smaller portions and feel satisfied for longer.

Lastly is the vanilla sculpting whey. I'd use it in a smoothie after spinning (it speeds metabolism and burns fat so was ideal to use after exercise) and on the days I didn't exercise, I'd use it as a meal replacement. I mixed it with loads of yummy healthy ingredients and blended it all together for my smoothies. I did get a shaker with the kit but rarely used it, not cause I didn't find it useful, I just personally didn't have a need for it. The whey came with a scoop inside the pack (which unfortunately was too big for the opening of the shaker, so the whey would go everywhere) I have gotten an email to say the scoop has been reduced in size, as many users had pointed out this flaw, so maybe I would have used the shaker more if I'd gotten the redesigned scoop. Regardless, I used the sculpting whey daily and found the smoothies and milkshakes super tasty.

As a whole I've really enjoyed using these products. It's been really easy to use and incorporate into my lifestyle. To get the most out of the product, I cut so many bad things out of my diet, I started cooking and eating healthy again and following the meal plan provided (with a few recipe twists of my own). I reduced my alcohol, salt, sugar and caffeine intake. They've stopped me snacking, eating late at night and I didn't feel hungry once while using them.

My original drive for using this product was to help curb my appetite, to eat healthier, to loose the bloated feeling and just feel happier in myself. I'm so happy to say that all of these have happened. I hadn't actually started this kit in a bid to loose weight but the difference in my physical appearance is a bonus. By eating right and sticking to this plan, the inches have naturally shifted. The way I feel about myself and how everyone has noticed a change in me, is so much more pleasing then the weight loss. It is amazing to see a difference though. Showing my family these before pictures they asked if I was pushing out my belly, to which I said no. I felt so full, bloated, sluggish and cranky after Christmas. I was wearing super elastic high waisted jeans to cover the bulge. Now my clothes just fit so much better and I feel so much more happier in myself. I'm sleeping better, feeling less anxious, less tired and brand new again.

I'm so glad to have had the priviledge of using this product. The starter kit (with everything I've mentioned) is sold at £70 but if you like the sound of one element, they are also sold seperately. I have repurchased the hunger fix tablets to bring while I travel and my family have bought the sculpting whey to have after their gym sessions. If it's something you'd like to try for yourself, check out the Nutribuddy website. Thanks so much for reading all my updates, you've all been so supportive in your messages. Look out for my meal plan post in the next few days, which you can follow if you decide to use this product yourself and check out all my previous updates if you missed them.

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  1. That's an amazing accomplishment, well done you!!
    I've repurchased the whey, as it's just so delicious, but, I've got chocolate and vanilla, so I can make the vanilla into smoothies.
    Congrats hun..

  2. That's an amazing accomplishment, well done you!!
    I've repurchased the whey, as it's just so delicious, but, I've got chocolate and vanilla, so I can make the vanilla into smoothies.
    Congrats hun..