Sunkissed Sculpt & Glow


Today I'm reviewing the new Sculpt and Glow palette which has been very kindly sent to me from Sunkissed. If you saw my snaps last week you'll have seen a quick peak of this when I got it. I've been using it all weekend and thought I'd share my thoughs with you.

I have come across Sunkissed products before in Superdrug and Primark. This is the first bronze slash highlight duo compact pressed powder from them. It's a thin rectangle packaging with an acrylic flip lid. The design has a sunburst effect and has an imprint of the words 'sculpt' and 'glow' in each powder.

On first swatch the bronzer is a matte tan brown powder (this doesn't look mucky brown on the skin, which is very rare to find) which means it's perfect to contour or bronze the whole face or to be used to set a cream contour product. I tested it on my pale skin and also after using tan and found it suited me both times. The highlight is a very shimmery champagne powder with undertones of pink. It again suited me with pale and tanned skin. It is perfect to use under foundation to strobe and is perfect as a finishing touch when lightly dusted on the cheekbones to give a gorgeous glow to the skin.

Once swatched (with my fingers) the powders are very pigmented but blend very easily to a soft natural finish. The blended swatch I've shown above is also how the product looks when applied using a fluffy brush so you're not going to get the harsh intense colour (so you can build the product rather then buffing it out)

I noticed a gap between the products which I was so thankful for (All their other bronzers I've seen come in round packaging where the colours are together) and I thought I was nice to be able to use the products individually. However, even though they are pressed powders and seperated, due to swirling my brush in them, some of the highlight shimmer did pass over to the bronze part. I would just say to keep that in mind as it'll be hard to keep the bronze perfectly matte otherwise. My top tip to prevent this happening is to use seperate brushes for each product and blow away excess powder that's shifted to avoid the highlight mixing with the matte bronzer.

It gives my skin a gorgeous healthy glow and it's absolutely gorgeous in sunlight. Best of all (because as you know I'm the queen of bargains) I was delighted to find out it was only £5. I'm delighted to be able to trial this little find and I'm so thankful I got to test it out (it is a definite dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow palette). I hope when you see it you try it and enjoy it as much as I have.

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  1. This looks so similar to the Charlotte tilbury one, I might just have to give it a go. I find it so hard to find a bronzer that doesn't look to orange or muddy on my skin.
    Coleoftheball xx

  2. I've never used Sunkissed but have spotted some of their products in Penneys. I must look out for this I like that it's not a muddy colour x

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