Energy Bank Skin Glow


Last week I was very kindly sent the new Skin Glow serum from This Works. It's the latest addition to their Energy Bank range which I've seen in Space NK. I've actually not seen any reviews on this particular product so I was super excited to receive it. I've been using it everyday as part of my morning skin care routine, so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you. On first read it says it's a multi-function serum that super hydrates lacklustre skin. It contains all natural ingredients along with Green Algae, Vitamin C and hyalyronic acid, all of which illuminate, hydrate and plumps the skin. The product packaging itself is just a simple white 30ml bottle with a pump dispenser. I'm actually a huge fan of pump dispensers in skincare (it makes it more hygenic and less wastefull) It sits very easily on my bedside table and is travel friendly too.

Pumping the serum out initially, shows it's white in colour, but as you rub it on your face, it turns to a gorgeous golden colour and then goes clear. I have been using two to three pumps per application as my skin is very dehydrated at the moment (thanks to all that Fiji sunshine I was exposed to recently). Even using three pumps of product, I wasn't rubbing it in for ages and I didn't feel like I had loads of product on my face. I absolutey love the consistancy and texture of it. It has a dewy, light weight finish that turns silky smooth after a few minutes. The brightening golden mineral particles of the serum leaves me with a gorgeous glow and a bright complexion. I didn't get a highlighted strobe glow from it, just a natural brightness to my skin. Best of all I wasn't left with shimmer specks on my face (which is common in a lot of brightening products I've tried) The smell of green algae and orange is very subtle as well plus it fades very quickly.

All in all it's just a very nice skin awakening product that would suit dehydrated sensitive skin. I've used it on its own to give my skin a boost on no makeup days. I've used it as a primer before applying makeup over it. I've also mixed it half and half with my water based foundation and applied it to the skin which gives me a sheer finish that's natural and glowy.

It is the perfect addition to my Summer skincare routine and it's defintely helped my skin look and feel more hydrated and awake. It is available for £30 at Space NK or This Works beauty counters.

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