Benefits of blogging for your CV


If you're applying for a new job this year, why not include a link to your blog. A personal blog can say a lot more about you then your CV can. Here's some reasons as to why you should include your blog link on your CV and what it says about you to future employers.

Shows interest: Writing posts on topics that relate to the job you're applying to, shows you have a keen interest and that even in you're spare time you enjoy talking about it. For instance if you're not trained in beauty but write a beauty blog and want a job related to beauty, your blog can be your showcase of interest in the area.

Personal traits: There are many personal traits and skills employers look for in future employees that can be showcased on a blog rather then on a CV. If you blog the same time or same days every week it shows you can stick to deadlines, are organised and have dedication. It can show the ability to work alone and if you collaberate with a brand or fellow blogger, that you can work with others and form professional relationships.

Shows personality: Anyone reading your blog will get to know your personality and sense of humour. To an employer this gives them a chance to get to know you a bit better and find out who you are. Every interview I've had I've been asked about my blog, it not only has relaxed me but helped the conversation flow easier.

Computer skills: All the things we do automatically as bloggers can actually be very impressive for employers to see. Writing a post can showcase so many things that you are capable of doing, for example organising and editing content, designing, proof reading, html, coding and photography. So even if you're blog isn't related to the job you're applying to, you can still show off other skills that you have.

Social media: Social media is used by everyone to share, promote or sell. Every company you apply for will have an online presence and being incharge of their social media platforms may be part of your role with them. As bloggers, we promote all our content on social media, so this can be an element that employers may find very applealing. If you get a lot of interaction from your social media posts, it can show you use engaging content that gets noticed by a lot of people. If you can bring that same level to your future role, employers know they will benefit hugely from you being part of their company and that you can help them grow on social media.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and my points made you realise what your blog can say about you and how it can showcase the best parts of you. From an employers point of view, seeing someones blog on their CV makes you stand out, it's something to talk about in your interview, it's an ice breaker, it helps ease you into the interview and it's a fun and exciting hobby to have. If you are looking for work, best of luck with your job hunting (read some my tips on how to get an interview) and I hope this has inspired you to include your blog link in your job application.

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