Easliocks Hair Extensions


Recently my cousin asked me to be her model for an Easilocks hair extensions course she was attending. Granted, I was there just to model for her and to be someone for her to practice on but I have had every kind of hair extension going (clip in, glue, beads) and I've had a lot of people asking for my views on my experinece so I thought I'd write a post on my thoughts. Hopefully it will give you an little insight if you are considering getting Easilocks.

Easilocks are a no glue, no bead, no heat hair extension. They are bound and pressed on to the hair using cylinders. The hair extension colours range from bold colours like purple and blue to blondes, browns, red and blacks. I have recently coloured my hair a reddy brown and was able to get colour matched perfectly . After a consultation we chose to do a full head (120 strands) which would start in rows along the back of my head, around the top and along the sides. The bonds also come in different colours, to give a seamless finish.

The process did take a few hours but once it was done, my hair looked and felt amazing. I didn't have any pain or pull on my hair, I didn't feel like I had a massive weight or drag of hair, the bonds were almost invisible and the extensions blended really well with my natural hair.

I found sleeping in them very comforatble as well. Unlike other extensions where I've had to wait a few weeks for the pain to die down, these felt very comfortable and light. Everyone I met said they looked really natural and if they didn't know I originally had short hair, there's no way they would have guessed I had extensions in. Also due to the fact the bonds are pressed cylinders away from the scalp, it allowed hair to move up and down freely which meant styling, brushing and just general moving of the hair, was very easy.

As amazing as the extensions are, there is the money aspect of things to highly consider. Extensions are an investment. You need to have money to look after them, to buy the correct products and to have them maintained. Spending all that money having them in, unfortunately isn't enough. I had mine removed after a month (as I just had them in for model and trial purposes) but if you are considering getting them, ensure you have the time and money to look after them. The quality, process and results are amazing but there's no point having them if you don't look after them. I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions, do leave me a comment or tweet me @sarah_hamersley.

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