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This week I decided to have a makeup clear out and shop my stash (if you're not a blogger, you will have no idea what I'm on about) Basically it's where you go through your whole makeup collection and find products you forgot you had and put your favourites on your dressing table or in your makeup bag to remind you to start using them again.

Last weekend I wrote about my new job. Because of my new job I fancied giving my everyday makeup a new lease of life for work and instead of blowing my first pay check on makeup, I thought I'd save money and rummage through my makeup collection and see what I would find.

I found a lot of crap that was old and could go straight into the bin, but I also found products that I had loved and used all the time but had forgotten about. It was great to be able to see what I owned, what I had too much of and what I should stay away from buying anytime soon.

If you're a beauty junkie like me, it's so important to throw out old makeup from a hygeine point of view (if things are over a year old or dried out, you definitely don't wanna put them anywhere near your face) it's great to have everything organised (especially in the mornings getting ready for work, having makeup in an easy to access area makes the whole process super fast) and it's also a great money saver as you don't go buying products you already own and you can change your makeup bag contents without spending a penny. Here's a quick run through of the high end favourites I came across in my collection, that have gone straight into my makeup bag.

Benefit World Famous Neutrals- I absolutely love this palette for everyday makeup. It has two cream shadows and four powders shadows, all of which have great staying power and are just so pretty. The packaging is so cute and fits perfectly in my makeup bag. Clinique Aglow 101- This is a gorgeous peachy blush with a golden speckle finish that glistens in the sunlight. It's stunning on the cheeks and adds a lovely natural glow to my face. bareMinerals Touch Up Veil-I have this is shade translucent. It's a pressed powder with SPF 15 and sets my whole face without caking and just leaves my skin super soft. YSL Touche Eclat- This is a classic and an absolute staple product. It is the most amazing under eye concealer that lasts all day. The packaging is like a clicky pen and the product comes out of the brush applicator. The pink toned concealer covers my dark circles so well and brightens up the whole under eye area. Benefit Gimme Brow- This product is kind of watery in consistancy but gives my brows a really natural finish. I want to stay away from really harsh dark brows so I think this will be good for Summer. Benefit Roller Lash- I had brought a mini one of these away with me when I travelled so I was delighted to found the bigger version in my collection.

If you enjoyed this post, please do leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the products I found. If you've come across some old favourites yourself, let me know as well as I'd love to know what classics you have in your collection.

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