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Todays travel diary is all about New Zealand. I had such an amazing time there and would definitely love to go back again. Everyone who's not been and who asks if they should go, I always answer yes. Talking to people and describing it is so hard. I run out of words to say how stunning and beautiful it is. The scenery is a mixture between Lord of the rings and Jurrasic park (lush, green forests with loads of mountains and lakes) You're never looking at the same thing for too long, the different mountains, waterfalls and skyline changes so much it can be hard to take in what you're seeing.

I could talk about my love of New Zealand for ages and ages but for this post I've decided to narrow it down and give a quick run through of my top 5 favourite things I did and saw and should be on your bucket list if you travel there.

Hobbiton: Whether you're a Lord of the rings fan or not, hobbiton is a place you must visit on the north island. The whole village is maintained and kept exactly how it is in the movies and while you're walking along the paths, you expect hobbits to come out of the little hobbit doors. You get a full guided tour, info about the set, info about the making of the movies and you even get to have an exclusise drink in the green dragon pub at the end.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing: This is a one day 19k hike up a volcano. You get dropped off by bus and then walk the one way track up and over the volcano. The scenery changes from meadows, to craters, mountain springs, forests, lakes and desert. The trek is manageable to complete in 6 hours (that's how long it took me) You don't have to be a pro and if you're willing to walk for that long, you won't regret it. I was so happy to have completed it and it's made me realise I can do anything once I set my mind to.

Queenstown: This is adrenaline junkie centrel. Anything you want to jump off or out of is available here. I did a 14,000 feet skydive, a hang glide off a mountain, the steepest zipline and the highest canyon swing in the world. If you're body can take anymore, there are a million other options to choose from. At night the town is a hive of activity with loads of eateries, pubs and clubs. Don't forget to get in line at Fergburger and grab yourself the best burger you'll ever have in your entire life.

Milford Sound Cruise: This is a must do on the south island. It is a very relaxing trip and something that everyone will enjoy. You travel by ferry around the milford sound and take in the stunning views of mountains, waterfalls and wildlife. I was lucky to see some sleeping seals on the rocks, which was amazing. There is an option to sit inside or take in the views on the deck. Just make sure to wear rain gear on the deck as the boats go right under the waterfalls and you get absolutely drenched by the water if you're not prepared.

Staying at a Maori Marae: The maori culture is very prominent on the north island and I was very lucky to have a chance to stay the night with a maori family and be welcomed onto their land. The marae is their meeting grounds and the focal point of the community. Upon entering the marae, the family sang a song to me and then I sang a song in reply before finishing the welcoming ceremony by touching noses. I felt so lucky learning all about the culture, the people and traditions. I was tought the poi dance which is the war dance the women do and has been passed down through generations.

So there you have it, I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please do let me know, in the comments below, what would be you're favourite thing to do from this list and if you've been before, what was on your busket list.

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