30 Plus Bloggers Awards


Something I have not stopped talking about over the last few weeks has been the first ever 30 plus bloggers awards in partnership with The Body Shop. Ever since a little ding in my inbox saying I was nominated, I instantly got my ticket and then started counting down the days.

I was thrilled that someone had nominated me (I never put myself forward for these kinds of things) but I was more excited about going to the actual event then the idea of potentially being shortlisted. Living in London almost 2 years and not having gone to one London beauty event, I didn't care what was happening, I knew I was going hail, rain, shine (or in my case straight after working a 9 hour shift) I couldn't wait to mingle and meet loads of great bloggers and of course be there to congratulate the well deserving winners.

The night started off with champagne, canopys, balloons and chats, followed by the awards ceremony, more drinks and even more chats. Even Sam (who very kindly came too) felt very relaxed (loads of the girls kept him included while I mingled) I'm normally a bit nervous when it comes to making the first move to start a conversation with a stranger but I felt really comfortable on the night and genuinely felt a real sense of community that my nerves instantly went away (it was like I was chatting to a group of friends I'd not seen in ages)

Sadly the night did come to an end. I exchanged contact details with a few people, tried to smuggle every balloon out of the venue and got given a very generous goody bag from The Body Shop. I felt spolied seeing all the amazing products I was given (I can't wait to blog about my favourites)

I really love the positivity, encouragement and support that the 30 plus community represents so to be part of their first ever awards was such a great feeling. I smiled the whole night (even now, writing this at 1am, I'm smiling remembering the night) Seeing as it is 1am, I am off to use some of my new products and sleep. I hope you've enjoyed reading this post. Congratulations to all the winners. I hope this gives you a boost to stay going, to grow, develop, learn and progress to even bigger, better things.

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