The Body Shop Pinita Colada Range


A few weeks ago I picked up some products from the Pinita Colada range from The Body Shop. Ever since then I've had super soft skin that's been smelling like a desert island mixed with cocktails and palm trees and fruits and just all round tropical deliciousness. If I wasn't missing Fiji enough lately, this range has made me miss it more.

Pinita Colada Gift Essentials (£25) was a must for me as it had everything I wanted in one set along with a cute little bath lilly. The minute you open the box you're taken over by the scent and then each product smells so divine you can't help but try it there and then.

The Shower Gel (60ml) is what I use first. It bubbles up really nicely and begins my tropical island journey where I imagine I'm under a waterfall surrounded by lush forests and plants.

I move onto the Body Scrub next (250ml) which has the most amazing scrub particles in it. It contains shredded coconut and pineapple in a really leightweight cream. I feel like I'm putting fruity yogurt on my skin which exfoliates really gently and makes my skin super soft. I really like the consistancy and I didn't have red skin after using it as the cream ensures my skin stays hydrated while buffing the dead skin away (perfect for my sensitive skin)

Once I leave my tropical waterfall (aka my shower) I lightly dry off and lash my skin with Body Butter (200ml) I love putting this on slightly damp skin just to give my skin even more chance of soaking up the gorgeous ingredients. It's really rich and creamy and of course smells amazing.

As I just had to have the whole range, I also got the Pinita Colada Body Sorbet £8. I am a massive fan of the body sorbets (I had four bottles of moringa at one stage) so I knew I had to try this latest addition. I feel like this body sorbet has been on everyones summer holiday beauty essentials. It is the perfect beauty product to bring on holidays as it's so cooling and feels like you're putting an ice pop on your skin (which is just fab when you've been in the sun all day) and soaks in almost instantly. It's a gorgeous way to give and extra boost of scent to your skin while also making it really hydrated.

I'm obsessed with The Body Shop Summer ranges and this years range didn't disappoint so if you haven't already got your hands on these already, I suggest you do and of course let me know what you think.

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