10 Random Facts About Me


You know what, I've never written a get to know me type of post on here. Thanks to Tarnya at Sweet Allure, who asked for a random fact about her followers, a little light bulb went off in my head and I thought why not make a full post on random facts about me (it'll help us get to know each other more and maybe even spark more conversations) So without further a do (and with the excitement of the first episode of the Great British Bake Off still whizzing around my head) let's crack on.

1. I'll start with the thing I told Tarnya, and that was if I could pick any job in the world to do, I would be a skydiving instructor. I've done two skydives (one in England and one in New Zealand) and both times I've landed I've said I wanted to do it for a living. The reason I'm not doing as a living now is because there's so much money involved to train (and since I quit my job at the start of this year to travel) I have to be put it on hold for now (I'll definitely still do a few more tantum dives in the meantime)

2. When I brush my teeth I rinse with hot water. I don't clean anything else with cold water so why do it with my teeth..Right?!! Apparently no one else I know does this (hense why it's in this post)

3.  If you ask me where I'm from, I won't be able to give you a straight answer. Even though I have an Irish accent and lived in Ireland pretty much all of my life, on paper I'm British. I have British parents, a British passport and a very British second name. So now I live in London people always ask what part of Ireland I'm from and get a shock when I say I'm actually from London (but I do love Barry's tea, tayto crisps and kimberley biscuits so I'm definitely Irish.....just technically English)

4. I didn't start wearing makeup till I was in my 20's but loved anything to do with skincare. Olay (or Oil Of Ulay as it was once called) was my favourite brand of skincare (and I used to rob my mums cream without her knowing)

5. I've been in hospital for the most stupid things. I broke my ribs breakdancing, broke my wrist skateboarding, then broke my elbow and sprained my ankle at the same time walking in a straight line (clearly I shouldn't be allowed out)

6. You would never have found a boyband poster on my wall growing up. I was a true Girl Power fan with posters of Spice Girls, TLC and Destinys Child. I cut out pictures and sayings from Smash Hits magazine and make wall collages of all things girl band related.

7.  Even though I've broken one of my elbows, I have hyper extension in both (so you won't see me doing one of those typical 'arm up' instagram posts cause it looks like my arms are about to snap in half with how flexible they look)

8. I will never shop for clothes in TKMaxx ever again since the time I got caught in a dress with a faulty zip and had to walk out of the cubicle to a massive crowd and one busy changing room attendant to ask them to help me get out of the dress (there may have even been a scissors involved)

9. I'm double jointed in my thumb (can pop it out of the socket), double jointed in my elbow (can twist my elbow without twisting my wrist) can curl my thongue and can move one eye to the side while the other is crossed.

10. As a kid I was so sick of my parents getting mail and none would come to me that I wrote a letter to myself using fancy scented paper and loads of stickers from my sticker book (little did I know mail meant bad things like bills and being a responsible adult)

And that (if it's not already obvious) is my list of 10 random things. I hope you enjoyed reading them and it gave you a bit more insight in the weird and wonderful life things I've witnessed and gone through. I really enjoyed sharing these things (and may have laughed at myself for being so rediculious at life) Please let me know your favourite point and I'll speak to you in my next post.

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