Body Confidence, Clothing & Staying Positive


One thing I've wanted to talk about on here for a little while now is body confidence. Everyone has parts of their body they don't like or want to change but when you let these little insecurities take over, they rule how you see yourself and unfortunately it warps your view of how you actually look. You start to nit pick on these things and before you know it you've tried on everything you own, decided you've no clothes and you just don't care anymore (I have been in this position so many times and it's such a horrible place to be)

So today I thought I'd share the ways in which I stay positive about my appearance, why I dress to my body shape and how I stay body confident.

Know your shape & forget sizes
First thing to look at is your body shape. Whether your straight, pear, hourglass or round, focus on your shape. So many people solely focus on size....and honestly... to be confident with how you look you should forget sizes and look at your shape.

An 8 in one shop is a 12 in another or you're a small in one shop and a large in forget's not universal...and yet somehow, it plays a massive part in how we see ourselves which can have a negative effects on our body confidence. This is why, when I shop, I don't look at sizes anymore. If I like it, it's flattering, it fits me and I feel confident then who cares what the size is, I'll buy it and wear it.

I remember reading in Victoria Beckhams book she had a few years ago, one of her tips to body confidence was to cut the labels off clothes. Ever since then I've done the same thing and it's helped so much. When you take sizes out of the equation, you look at yourself in a whole new way and start building your confidence.

Use a straight full length mirror
I know this is such a basic thing but it really does work. Looking at yourself as a whole in a full mirror is so much better then looking at half your body in a section mirror. You should look at your whole body, your proportions and take in your overall appearance. Using a small mirror focuses your eye on the bits you don't like and that's all you end up seeing. The more you draw yourself to the parts you don't like, the more you'll believe everyone else will focus on them (which isn't true) So do yourself a favour and look at your entire body, all together straight on, it really makes such a difference.

Be good to yourself
One of the simpliest things to do to be happy with how you look is to be good to yourself. Try to eat healthier and exercise. You'll feel happier in yourself, have more energy, your skin will look better and you'll just have a better mood. Don't beat yourself up for having a treat either. Whether it's having chocolate or buying an expensive top, if it makes you happy, just do it. The more good things you do for yourself, the more happy hormones you'll release and feel happier about yourself.

I always have one me day a week if I can. I have a bath, treat my skin to some luxury products, do my nails and lounge in pjs catching up on my favourite youtubers and tv series. Concentrating on you is something many of us forget but it's so important to do these things for your mental well being and to focus on yourself.

Surround yourself with positivity
Surrounding yourself with like minded, positive, supportive people makes a huge difference. When you are around people like this, you feel comfortable, confident and happier. When you surround yourself with negative, judgemental people, you turn into one of them. Negative people want to drag you down and make themselves feel better by doing so. Don't allow anyone put you down or make you feel bad about yourself. Everyone is different, unique and beautiful. The more diverse and open minded people you associate with, the more good things will happen to you and the more happier you'll be in life.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and it has helped. When it comes to body confidenec, I think it can be very hard to describe how you feel. I would love to do more posts like this so please let me know if you like these kinds of posts and I'll make sure to do more.

As always you can follow me on all my social media links. I always reply to any messages or tweets I get sent so do come say hi and hopefully we'll speak soon.

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