Fashion Illustrations


As you know I've recently moved to a new house and while I was unpacking I came across some fashion illustrations/fashion doodles I did years ago. I posted a picture on instagram (@sarah_hamersley) of some of my drawings and thought I'd do a post on it just because I've never really spoken about it before and thought it might be interesting to share that part of me.

This is something I used to do all the time, just doodle little ideas I had, outfits I saw or sketch the clothes I wore. Recently I've done a lot of packing, travelling, moving and unpacking, I'm so surprised to come across them (it's mad to think I've held onto them all this time) Seeing my notebooks made me instantly remember how much I used to love drawing and how I was always doodling in my spare time.

It was just a little hobby that made me zone off and just go into my own little world. I absolutely loved it and think that it's something I'll have to get back into it. I know I'll be very rusty (and I'm not saying these are even any good) but it's all about being creative-making something and being proud of it is just very satisfying (and good for the mind) I used everything from marker, pen, paint to newspaper (basically whatever I could get my hands on to get the idea down on paper)

I would love to know how many of you drew as a kid or still do as an adult. I think it's something everyone did as a kid but it gets lost as you grow up. After writing this I think I need to get markers and start drawing again...maybe I'll even do more posts like. It might be interesting to see how my next ones will look in comparison and just see how they turn out. I'm not expecting anything from it and it's just a hobby but as I said, I've never really spoken about it and thought it would be a nice topic to chat about. Hopefully this post will not only give me the motivation to start drawing again but maybe spark something in you too.

As always you can follow me on instagram and twitter (@sarah_hamersley) so come say hi and hopefully chat to you all soon.

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