How to get that interview


Ah yes... interviews...they used to make me so nervous. Whether it was a job I could do or I was choosing a new career path, the idea of putting myself out there, to a complete stranger, trying to make them like me and showing them I've got the skills to do the job better then the person who's next in line, just got the panic stations in a tizzy.

Living in London, I've learned not to get as nervous for interviews. There's so much competition and someone snapping at your heels, there's simply no time for manic nerves. Actually having your foot in the door to get an interview is a process in itself, so by the time you've made the final selection, you just can't allow yourself be nervous.

I thought I'd share some tips I've learned along the way which have helped me get interviews and stand out from the crowd and hopefully help you if you're on the hunt for a new job.


The key to getting any interview is preparation. Spell check your C.V and ask someone else to spell check too. Include your blog if you have one (check out a post I did on why you should include your blog on you C.V) Get to know the company by looking up the website and social media platforms, it'll help give you an idea of what you're applying to be part of. Plus having an insight to what the company does will help you tailor your cover letter as well and give it a more personal touch specific to that company. I always feel less nervous the more prepared I am so I put so much work into the preperation, just so I feel more calm and informed.

Show Interest

If it's a shop or premises you can visit, go in and visit as a customer, you'll get a feel of the staff, the working environment and it'll make an interview less scary if you've visited beforehand. In your cover letter you can include you've been there before and are familiar with what they do/sell. This will prove you've actually taken the time to get to know them and it's a big bonus for employers if they hire someone who's genuinely interested in what they do.

Get a name

Businesses get hundreds of applicants, so for you to stand out, always find out the name of the person who hires (the manager or owner mightn't be the person who hires the staff) That way if you're applying online or in person, you have a point of reference. The worst thing to do is to just hand a C.V to a member of staff or send to a general email address. More then likely your C.V won't be seen by the right person. Asking for the person specifically, saying you wish to apply for a position is a much more professional approach.


If it's a job where you use a skill or trade, prepare a portfolio of work you've done. This is a very good idea if you're going for work experience, just finished school or not completed your qualifications yet, it shows that you're dedicated and practicing in your own time, doing something you love even before you've gotten paid to do it. It's something so simple yet super effective.

Use social media to your advantage

Everyone uses social media and especially as I said about the portfolio, you can use social media to show off your work. Make sure you're have a professional account that shows off your best work. I do think social media has become another form of C.V. Employers get to know you at the click of a button and can get an idea of who you are without meeting you. On the flip side though, if you don't want employers to know all about your personal life, have you accounts on private and only show what you're happy to show because it's very common for employers to google your name and to get an idea of who you are, based on your online content.

Be Willing to Learn

Don't get disheartened if you don't get the first place you apply to. It's all a learning curve. Take positives from it. Apply for courses to improve skills you may be lacking and include this information in your C.V and cover letter. Even if you're applying for a role you're not 100% confident in, don't let this stop you applying. If you show you're a fast learner, are willing to learn on the job or have experience learning a new skill, put this in your cover letter and employers will pick up on your potential.

I hope you have found this post useful. I always refer to these points when applying for a new job so I hope it's helped in some way and given some ideas on how to get an interview. If you think you can do a job, apply for it. I've got the current job I'm in not having any qualifications in that field, so it just proves it's possible to do what you love even if you've no formal experience. Remember it's your life and your future, you're doing them a favour by working there, so be awesome, smash it and prove why they should have you working there.

I would love you to leave any other tips you have in the comments below so we can all learn from each other. Let me know what you think of this post and we'll chat soon.

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