Food Diary | August


It's the end of August......which means......I get to do a run down of things I've consumed/ chowed down on/ shoved in my mouth this month (I couldn't decide what descriptive words to put in there so I put all three) The main things I've loved this month have been sweet (so if you've clicked on this post because the salad drew you in...I'm sorry in advance)

Italian Salad
Get all the things that are green and salady....spinach, rocket and basil. Mix in buffalo mozzerella, tomatoes and season. Top with olive oil and a balsamic glaze. I have this with crusty bread (dipped in an olive oil and balsamic vinegar) a selection of sliced meats, sliced melon and grapes which makes it look all tapas like and chic and modern and sophisticated.

I made pancakes. Who needs it to be pancake tuesday to make pancakes...right!! 3 eggs, 115g flour, baking powder, 140ml milk, salt. Seperate eggs. Whisk egg whites with salt. Mix all other ingredients and egg yolks together in another bowl. Then fold whites in and make a lovely fluffy, american style batch of pancakes. Can't decide on lemon, sugar, cream, fruit or maple syrup topping?!! Don't worry...just have them all like me.

Millionaires Cheesecake
Ok this isn't a recipe of mine but someone did make this and then I consumed it very fast and absolutely loved it. I went to a pub in Chelsea this month (which you can read about here) had a gorgeous meal topped off by amazing desserts. It was my favourite place I ate out this month so of course I had to put it in this post.

My favourite snack of choice has been a sweet one this month. I love the combination of sweet and savoury so I combined sweet 'n salty popcorn with aero bubbles and found a new combination of loveliness that made my tum tum happy and content.

Stuffed Pitta
This combination came from the classic "I've nothing in my fridge but lots of everything that don't actually go together but I'm hungry and don't want to go to the shop so let's just put them together and see how it tastes" scenarios. It involves fried peppers, onions and chorizo topped with melted cheese in a toasted pitta and avocado spread (of course I had to shove avocado in something) Yes it is a bit random and kind of looks a bit weird but it actually tasted really nice.

So there you have it, as always let me know what your favouite is and if you try any (I don't expect anyone to try the stuffed pitta) do come say hi (my sparkley rose gold social media links are somewhere on my home page) and I will chat to you soon. Oh...and cause I'm so bad at promoting my posts, you can enter your email in the 'follow by email' section...and you'll get my posts directly to your inbox...amazing...oh and lastly don't forget to check out last months food diary if you missed it.

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