My New Youtube Channel


A few years back I kind of dipped my toe into the world of youtube. It's something I was so scared to do cause let's face it (if you watch my snapchats) you'll know I'm a few slices short of a loaf (and enjoy having the sillies waaaaay more then a person of my age should) I did really enjoy making youtube videos but for some reason I kind of lost track a bit. I was looking at the wrong people for influence and slowly started to get more serious and change who I I stopped and didn't upload anything for ages.

That was until a few weeks ago. I decided to make little home videos of my travels from earlier this year. I edited them together in a way I wanted and popped them on youtube. I unlisted all my old videos and decided to start again, the way I wanted to and not follow a format or do a big build up or make it a massive deal.

At the end of the day I just want to be creative and make something....if people want to see it, it's there, if not, it's absolutely fine. I'm not a fairy lights in the background, marble table top, smoothie bowl, everything all prim and proper, kind of video person. I just want to make something that represemts me and put it out in the world.

So this is just a post to say I may make some videos of things or events or stuff and if you'd like to know where I will put them, you can follow the button on my homepage or click this neatly inserted link which will bring you to my video page. I'm not looking for likes or subscribers, I'm just going to be doing something else creative with my time that's there for anyone who is interested in being part of that part of my yeahh....

Oh and the main picture of this of me.....doing a hang New Zealand (thought it captured the mood of this post better then anything else I had) and would give you an idea of the kind of content I will be sharing in my videos. So I shall wrap up this little ramble and say good night and hopefully chat soon.

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