Wicklow Day Trip


Before flying back to London after attending the Littlewoods Ireland blog awards last week, I decided to introduce Sam to a bit of Irish heritage and culture and take a little road trip to visit Powerscourt Waterfall, Wicklow Mountains and Glendalough. These were places I'd visited as a kid but didn't really remember them. Since we had a rental car and our flight wasn't till that night, we took full advantage and thought it would be nice to see some Irish tourist sites.

It was actually one of the best days out I've had in a long time. I felt very nostalgic and comforted by the surroundings. It's weird because I love London and have build my life here now but to go home and to walk around these places was such a nice feeling. I do love the hustle and bustle of London but to go back to calm, green and Irish air was something I didn't realise I had missed.

I don't really think you apprecaite where you're from till you leave. I never really saw the appeal of Ireland and always wondered why people loved to visit. But that trip gave me that light bulb moment and I finally understood why. It's just a different feeling and vibe. To be able to walk at a normal pace, to not have loads of people in your way, to not have to be anywhere at any time and to just relax was such a nice feeling. I felt like I could really switch off and it made me realise how much London has changed me as a person.

It was so lovely to experience this with Sam and we decided we are going to Ireland next year, renting a car and drive all along the coast for a few weeks, stopping in little towns and seeing parts of Ireland I'd never been to. I lived in Ireland most of my life but could count the amount of places I've visited there on one hand (which is so sad to think about) I think it's all well and good travelling to other parts of the world, but it's still important to appreciate your home country too (I've met so many people who love Ireland, who talk about the places they've been to but all I can say is I've never been...I really want to change that answer and be a tourist in my own country)

Who knew a trip back home would open up these thoughts?! But yes...wow...major tangent (sorry about that) my point is it was really nice to go home for a day, to get out of the city and to take in some amazing scenery and sights. It was great to unlock these thoughts and to realise how much I wanted to see more of Ireland and how amazing it would be to actually see the country I'm from.

If you'd like to see the vlog from this day trip, you'll find it here on my youtube channel, keep an eye out for more posts and as always I'll chat to you then.

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