What makes a good best friend


Recently I was looking back at old pictures of me and my best friends and it made me think back to all the memories and times we've had together. I love looking back at old pictures (especially the silly ones where we look our worst, sending them to my friends and having a good giggle at the story behind the picture) It also sparked the idea for this post and made me think what makes a good best friend and what would make me best friends with someone for life.

1. They have to get my weirdness. I have a very silly sense of humour and more then likely will do something really weird and random. So if someone can gets that, is not weirded out by my weirdness and can even join in with then silliness, I'm like YEESSS, we are friends.

2. Having inside jokes. Most of my inside jokes with my best friends are either a silly dance, a silly word or a phrase said in a silly accent (I honestly have no idea how they started or how they came about) but one of us will do or say the thing and make us laugh (hilarious to us but a bit weird to everyone else). It's really nice having those moments and having something that's just between us.

3. Being able to truly be myself. Whether I want to laugh out loud, cry, talk about serious life things or just hang out and not really talk- to be how I want to be and to feel how I want to feel at the time (without having to pretend or put on an act) is just so lovely and makes me feel very content, relaxed and satisfied.

4. Even if loads of time has passed, to be able to click right back into conversation with ease and as if no time has passed is one of the major traits I love in a best friend. Life gets in the way, situations change and people go down different paths. But to slot back to how you were when you saw each other last is a key sign of a good strong friendship.

5. Sharing memory tokens. Whether it's pictures, cinema stubs, or objects, sharing sentimental items with a best friend secures a bond. I have been given memory and picture books from my best friends so when I miss them I can look through the books and it keeps the missing at a bearable level until I see them again.

I am very lucky to have some great best friends. We are actually completely opposite but having a combination of trust, honesty, respect and all the above points has made us best friends no matter what. So I'm going to say bye for now, I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to contact me on any of my social media links. Hopefully we'll chat soon.

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  1. Awh,such a lovely post and all very true :-)