Paperchase Haul & Gift Wrapping


How is it almost Christmas. I feel like 2016 has flown by so quickly and Christmas is apon us. For some reason I have been so unorganised this year. Christmas is the same time every year, so it's not like I had no clue it was happening and yet I'm just so late with everything. I'm working all the way up to Chrismas Eve this year, doing long hours and trying to squeeze in seeing as many people as I can in the evenings so my days are going by in a flash.

This week I finally had a few hours to do my Christmas shopping after work, which wasn't easy to do in the space of 3 hours, but I managed it, didn't lose my cool or get too stressed and got everything I wanted in one sweep. I do love giving gifts but being under pressure and trying to decide on the spot without a plan of what I was getting, was one mistake I won't be doing again.

I was however super organised in my gift wrapping ideas. I had bought some Christmas crackers that were in classic red, white and green and I thought they looked so pretty and festive, I knew I wanted to use those colours in my gift wrapping. I've seen so many white, sparkly and sophisticated wrapping but something in me just loved the look of classic colours. I normally just go for normal wrapping paper, but I thought this year I'd be a bit more creative (and even if the presents weren't great, at least the wrapping would make up for it) So I went to my local paperchase and got brown paper as my base and picked up everything red, white and green that caught my eye.

PAPERCHASE HAUL: Brown paper £3.50 | Set of 5 ribbon £7 | Set of 3 Bakers String £7 | Silver Bells £5 | Holly Confetti £1.75 | Gift Tags £1.50 | Chalk Marker £3 | Christmas Stamp £5 | White Sparkle Tissue paper £2

Here are some of the ways I used them to wrap my presents. I mixed ribbons and string, patterns and textures. I used the white marker to add detail like dots and snowflakes and then finished off with bells and name tags. On the presents I didn't use tags, I could use the marker to write the recipients name directly on the paper.
I'm really happy with how they turned out. There's something very satisfying about beng more creative with gift wrapping. It's something I've not done before but with all the ribbon and string I have left over, I have no excuse not do it again next year. I really hope you enjoyed this post and that you all have a lovely Christmas. Enjoy spending time with loved ones and please let me know if you've done a gift wrapping post as I'd love to see them. Have a wonderful Christmas and we'll chat very soon.

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